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Spalted Maple Table

9/4/13: I am looking forward to another Spring Studio Tour (March 7-9, 2014) and hoping for wonderful weather. This free tour runs concurrent with the famous Penn Cove Mussel Festival, so it will be a very busy weekend! Come see us... And be sure to pick up one of our new brochures!



Spalted Maple Table

9/4/13: Another great "Woodpalooza" exhibition (our Guild's 10th Annual Show)! In addition to the "Freefall" table and "Spring Blossoms" chairs, I showed my “Maple Delight” spalted maple table that I had also entered into the 50th Annual Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival Juried Art Show. I have a number of interested parties...



Maple Chess Table

9/1/13: Thank you to Karin and Angela for the opportunity to create an 'off-the-chart piece: a custom chess table to feature a very special chess board with a drawer to hold 'played-off' pieces. “Queen's Gambit” is now safely residing in it's new Seattle home.



Cascadia Weekly article 'Woodpalooza: Going with the Grain

8/31/13: I am honored to be featured as one of the Whidbey Island Woodworkers Guild members that is exhibiting at this year's 10th Annual "Art + Wood = Woodpalooza @ WICA" Exhibition; written by Amy Kepferle and published in the August 28th issue of the Cascadia Weekly. View online or better yet pick up a free copy today. Thank you Amy!!!



Kiln Cast Glass and Sapele Table

8/11/13: The Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival afforded Dale Reiger (a renouned glass artist) and I the opportunity to colaborate on a very special piece! The combined result “Jubilee” A Celebration of Glass on Wood; is currently being displayed at the Penn Cove Gallery, Coupeville. And it is still for sale...



Maple Burl Table

8/10/13: Wow! What a weekend! The “Tiers of Joy” table that Ryan and I created and entered into the 50th Annual Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival Juried Art Show won 1st Place for 3-D Art!!! And it is still for sale...



My table featured in Western Art and Architecture Magazine

7/20/13: My "All About Yew I" Pacific yew and maple table that is featured in “Something of Value: Whidbey Island Woodworkers” (page 152 of the August/September issue of the Western Art and Architecture magazine) is currently on exhibit (and for sale) at the Hanson Scott Gallery in Seattle. In addition to their First Thursday Art Walk, the Hanson Scott Gallery will host a prestigeous threesome of internationally recognized encaustic artists at an evening reception on Friday, July 26th from 5 to 7 PM. Visit the Hanson Scott Gallery website for more details.



The three of us

7/17/13: I am honored to be among the three Whidbey Island woodworkers that were included in a wonderful article entitled “Something of Value: Whidbey Island Woodworkers” written by Lawrence W. Cheek and published in the August/September issue of the Western Art and Architecture magazine. View online or better yet purchase a copy today. Larry's gift for the word coupled with photographs taken by Richard and Nancy Lamb (Ramblin Lamb Photography) make the three of us appear larger than life!



Maple Floating-Top Table

6/15/13: I am pleased to announce that my work is being exhibited in yet another fine art gallery - the Hanson Scott Gallery in Seattle!! A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn Hanson Scott in Edmonds and she asked if I had ever considered showing in Seattle. More specifically she was offering me exhibit space in her very intimate contemporary-art gallery located in the heart of Pioneer Square. Well, I had to to think really hard for all of about 2 milliseconds to decide this. Wow!! Ryan and I delivered a number of pieces just in time for their First Thursday Art Walk. Plan a trip there soon… And don't forget the June 22 reception featuring new paintings by Lynn too.



Ryan with the Maple Burl Table

6/15/13: More updates! Added numerous new pieces to the registry. And here is an advance picture of our son Ryan posing in front of a maple burl and sapele table that represents the first art table that he has taken the lead on. We can’t wait to see this piece once assembled and with it’s initial coat of finish. The numerous burls on the table top will absolutely pop! We are considering entering this table in this year’s Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival.



Water lilies set in black cherry

6/1/13: I am still way behind on posting new pieces, but I vow to catch up soon! Ryan and I completed some new pieces, including "Afloat", stained glass water lilies set into a black cherry double crotch table!



Walnut Chair

4/15/13: Well, it has been a long time since I have updated the website! First let me thank many new patrons who have purchased almost 30 of my new pieces during the past six months. As many of you now know, our son Ryan has begun his adventure in our woodshop! Although he is relatively new to the wood-art world, Ryan is a very fast learner and has added a different perspective and a positive creative bent that is now reflected in some of my/our newest pieces... a lovely table (“On the Move” at upper left); and “What’s the Point?” artsy chair (lower left). And Sandy, Ryan and I took a few trips to select some beautiful hunks of black walnut, black cherry, myrtle and Cuban mahogany for future pieces.

Many thanks to the local art galleries for their continued support - and sales too!



Lovely Natural-Edged Walnut Table



Walnut courting Bench

1/23/12: I am back at the updates! Added numerous new pieces to the registry. And additional thanks to Steve and Sherman as they provide a new home to "Sitting Pretty"!



Display Table

1/16/12: I am so far behind in updating the website, including this page as well as our plans for 2012. The good news is that Sandy and I have been busy creating new artistic wooden pieces and restoring antiques. It’s a poor excuse, but shop time is more fun than updating the website. Many thanks to the many patrons, including Bob/Nancy,  Ron/Verleen, Malcolm, Ramona, Michael, Nancy, Mike/Diane,  and numerous others. Our wonderful galleries are all weathering the economic storm and many had a great 2011. Hopefully 2012 will grace all of the galleries that I am proud to say include my work.



Walnut Table

5/30/11: A good news/bad news moment… I just received notice that the Edmonds Arts Festival Juried Gallery did not accept any of the three pieces that I had entered (the bad news). The good news is that these pieces are now available for immediate placement in the fine art galleries that sell my wood art!! And finally, we just purchased some of the most beautiful walnut and cherry slabs that I’ve seen. I have already begun the design of a new series of tables – and my ‘annual’ chair.



Maple Table

2/4/11: Congratulations to Artwood Gallery in Bellingham’s Fairhaven District. “Maple Allure” is on its way to a new home.

5/27/11: While working at the Penn Cove Gallery, I met the new owner of my “Maple Allure” table. Thank you Jane!



Maple Bench

2/3/11: We just returned from a trip to Oregon where we delivered two pieces: a custom bench (“Terry’s Bench” at upper left); and “Inner Green” display table (lower left). And we took time to purchase some beautiful hunks of walnut, walnut and rosewood.

Many thanks to Adam/Allison, Jan/Ernie, Gloria and others for their ongoing support of local art. Way to go Brackenwood Gallery and  Penn Cove Gallery!

Frog on Inner Green Table



Walnut Table

1/26/11: What a busy beginning to the New Year! Three pieces including “All About Yew III” shown at left sold through local galleries! Fortunately I just completed three new art tables…



Walnut Table

11/4/10: I am a featured artist at the Cole Gallery’s First Glance Show! Shannon and Denise have kindly orchestrated some publicity for the Gallery and myself at Edmonds KOMO as well as on Cole Gallery’s blog. Check it out…



Incline-ation Books and Stuff Display

10/22/10: What a busy couple of months we’ve had! I have to begin with the latest news first – I am pleased to announce that my work will be exhibited in yet another fine art gallery. Earlier this week I had the pleasure to drive to Duvall, a quaint town east of Woodinville. There I discovered the Laurel Tree Gallery and its owners Michael and Laurel. A great gallery and great folks too!! Plan a trip there soon…

Also many thanks to Mark/Julie, Bob/Nancy, Peggy, David/Jayne, Anne and all of the other fine folks who have recently purchased and/or commissioned works. Thank you for your continued support!

Finally, I created my first ‘whacky bookshelf’ (“Incline-ation” Books and Stuff Display shown at left) for the Brackenwood Gallery’s ‘Bells, Books and Candlesticks’ Show.



Blue Lagoon

8/14/10: Last night Sandy and I attended the Juried Art Show Reception of the 47th Annual Historic Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival. To our surprise “Blue Lagoon” was awarded 3rd in 3-D!! Given the large number and artistic quality of this year’s entries, I felt much honored! And the 3 tables looked really great among the other art exhibited too!



Display Table

8/11/10: Many thanks to Bob J. and Nancy B. for giving “Adrift Chalanga-Da” a permanent home (and what a beautiful Arts and Crafts style home it is too!!).





Cherry Swirls

8/5/10: I’ve finally finished the 3 very special pieces that I intend to enter into the 47th Annual Historic Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival juried art show. After winning 1st place in the 3-D category of the juried art show for 7 of the past 8 years (and an Honorable Mention on the 'other' year), I have created pieces that I hope will continue my winning trend. 2010! Please come join the fun, sip some wine (Friday's reception) and have a great time... Visit Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival for details.



Adrift Chalanga-Da

7/12/10: Great news!! In support of the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo I donated a very special wood art piece to be included in this year’s 34th Annual Jungle Party live auction. The table, valued at $3000 sold for $3500!! Many thanks to Bob F. for supporting our zoo. Visit the Woodland Park Zoo's website for details.



Maple Fantasy Table

6/22/10: Wow!! First the good news – my Maple Fantasy” table with its deep blue glass reminiscent of my first look into Oregon’s Crater Lake was awarded 3rd in Sculpture at the Edmonds Arts Festival!! Now for the bad news – the Cole Gallery (Edmonds) experienced a flood from above. None of the wall art or any of my 12 wood-art tables was damaged, but what a mess. However sales continued during the 2-week repair period. Thanks to all of Cole Gallery patrons!! The reopening gala further demonstrated the wide support for this great gallery. You need to visit to see the new and improved gallery! Kudos to Denise Cole for her extreme efforts…



Walnut Table

 5/25/10: Got a surprise call from the Brackenwood Gallery of Fine Art in Langley that a great table "On the Lighter Side" was headed for a new home!! I hope the new owners appreciate the piece as much as enjoyed creating it. Another of my favorites!! Please forgive me for not announcing when each and every piece of wood art finds a new home. Unfortunately I have to balance updating the website versus spending 'creative time' in the shop immersed in special timbers... If you desire to me mention your purchase of that special piece, please let me know.



Maple Fantasy Table

 5/18/10: Great news today!! All three of the pieces that I submitted to the Edmonds Arts Festival have been accepted for their prestigious 2010 Juried Gallery (“Maple Fantasy”, “Symmetry” and “Adrift Chalanga-Da”). Visit Edmonds Arts Festival for details.



Walnut Engagement Table

 5/4/10: Today I received notice that one of my favorite hall tables, “Walnut Engagement” just sold. Unfortunately as any artist will tell you, “You can’t keep them all.” Most of my wood art pieces are destined to find new homes. I hope the new owners appreciate ‘WE’ as much as I did creating it!! Tomorrow, Sandy and I deliver the two pieces for the Scott Milo’s Wabi-Sabi Themed Show (an Ikebana display table “Wing” and “Adrift Wabi-Sabi”). I hope to see all of you at the opening reception Friday, May 7 from 6:00-9:00pm. Visit Scott Milo Gallery for details.



Display Table

 11/18/09: Yesterday I received notice that the Anacortes Arts Festival has accepted two of my wood-art pieces (“Cypress Knee” and “Adrift Chalanga-Da”) for the Arts at the Port Juried Exhibition. Sandy and I hope to see you at the opening reception, Friday, July 30 5:30-8:00pm. Visit Anacortes Arts Festival for details.

Display Table



Coupeville Library Table

 4/16/10: Big changes – the email address and website have changed. I finally got a ‘.com’ and have been busy transporting the website. In my spare time, a number of restoration projects and gallery pieces have been completed. I’m working on two commissioned projects – a hall table and a desk. And we just installed a small table in the new Coupeville Library. The table proudly displays a Georgia Gerber ‘Coon’ cat bronze that honors Janet Enzmann, volunteer extraordinaire.



Cherry Table

12/23/09: What a month we’ve experienced!! Between receptions at various art galleries (Cole Gallery , Penn Cove Gallery , Scott Milo Gallery , Pacific Northwest Art School Holiday Exhibition) and completion of commissioned pieces (see “Cherry Curves” to the left and thanks to John and Michele) and antique restoration projects prior to Christmas, we have been both blessed and very busy. In addition, I am working on a series of four very special tables that utilize rare ziricote highlighting its lovely shades of browns. For chocolate lovers, these beautiful browns include very dark, dark, milk, blond and Cadbury chocolates. The first two of these tables are in the finishing stages (see “Dark Beauty” to the left). Sandy and I have begun to plan next year’s show schedule and corresponding wood art pieces. I will update the ‘Shows and Events’ section of our website soon.

Ziricote Table



Walnut Table

 11/15/09: What a week!! Last night, we attended the opening gala of the Brackenwood Gallery of Fine Art in Langley. The new owners have done a great job in a short time and the show is truly worth the visit! Drop by to see for yourself. At left: one of my new pieces (“Walnut Ripple”) displayed at the Gallery. Two nights prior, Sandy and I attended the Whidbey Island Preservation Art exhibit where one of my new tables (“Whidbey Wild” Bigleaf Maple Table) received an Honorable Mention – “Very clever use of the materials”!! Visit the Pacific Northwest Art School website for upcoming classes and events.



Cherry Table

 11/14/09: It has been a while since the website has been updated because we have been so busy creating new pieces for galleries, commissioned works and restoration. Latest commissioned works include a petite but wild cherry table (“Cherry Swirl” shown at left), a large and really wild cluster-birdseye cherry table. We have also begun discussions related to a small table for the remodeled Coupeville Library. A number of my new wood art pieces have been added to the website’s Wood Art Portfolio.



Walnut Table

8/29/09: The buzz about Woodpalooza is building! I have just finished the “Whirls and Swirls” hall table that matches the “Chair with a Flare” that I had completed earlier (so that it could be shown on the Show’s postcard). I hope to see lots of you at the Show.



Sapelle Table

8/1/09: Last night’s Reception at the Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival was a blast. It was great to see many friends, fellow artists and so many red dots (sold pieces)! I entered two tables (“Adrift” {upper left image} and “Walnut Fantasy” {lower left image}) and was very pleasantly surprised to discover that “Adrift” was awarded 1st place for 3-D art in the juried show! And then to top the eve off, “Adrift” was purchased by one of our recent restoration clients. Thank you Kathleen!!

Walnut Table



 Walnut Slab

6/25/09: I have just purchased a couple of wonderful slabs: Oregon black walnut and the others American black walnut. The former has already stirred my woodworking-art imagination. It is well on its way to becoming an absolutely gorgeous corner table!!



Maple Burl Table

6/4/09: What a couple of busy days… Yesterday we learned that one of my favorite cherry tables, “Cherry Challenge" sold at the Wood Merchant, La Conner. Today Sandy and I installed a 22-inch by 10-foot by 2-inch thick countertop fashioned from a single slab of stunning sapele into it’s new home! Our shop is temporarily a bit empty, but it will soon be humming with work for the upcoming ‘Woodpalooza’ and other shows.




5/30/09: What a surprise! This week I received an unexpected and very nice surprise in the form of a card thanking Sandy and I for a custom butternut/walnut benchseat that was recently delivered to a wonderful local client. Mary wrote, “I appreciate the harmony between the bark texture and the striped legs and the perfect way the natural curves work together. It is a masterpiece!” Although we often receive compliments, rarely are they put to paper – and on such a lovely card. Mary is a pleasure to work with. Thank you Mary!!



Walnut Hall Table

4/14/09: It finally arrived! I just received a copy of ‘500 Tables’, Lark Books’ latest book in their 500 series. ‘Nature’s Rhythm’ appears on page 132 in all of its glory! Not only was my table selected from many thousands submitted, but fellow Whidbey Island woodworker Bruce Schwager also had his madrone burl table chosen. I am working on a couple of tables along the same design lines as ‘Nature’s Rhythm’; one from tiger maple and another dark walnut one…



Maple Burl Table

2/25/09: A great week so far – I have just put the finishing touches on one of the most beautifully figured maple burl hall tables that I have had the pleasure of crafting (actually I just let the character of the wood show and restrained from messing up what nature created). I plan to enter this table in the 46th Annual Historic Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival juried art show.




2/20/09: I received an interesting phone call today. Someone wanted to know if I repaired move damage of ‘regular furniture’ as opposed to true antiques. After all, their furniture (Thos. Moser!!) was only 25 years old. I had to chuckle a bit, but naturally the answer is ‘yes’. Sometimes the only difference between quality modern furniture and antiques is time…  Perhaps I should change the business name to ‘Whidbey Furniture Repair’?



Zebrawood Display Table

2/19/09: I’m on my way to an art gallery with the newest wood-art creation: a very small display table crafted from zebrawood and black walnut. All of the galleries that display my work are wonderfully supportive and I consider myself honored to continue creating pieces for them to show. I am occasionally asked why I don’t sell directly to the art-buying public. I consider art galleries to be my marketing partners and want them to succeed in doing what they do best. Art galleries earn and deserve every bit of the commission that they receive! We may not need art to live, but it sure does brighten the journey. So visit an art gallery today…




2/14/09: Every year we experience a ‘holiday bump’ in the restoration-side of our business. This past year was no different with lots of Whidbey Island furniture needing repair and restoration! Of the more notable projects: an old teak deck lounge chair from the Queen Mary (“1st Class Only”); two very old (200 years plus) dressers with a bit too much wear and not enough love over the years; an old English elm plank from an old English pub to be converted into a stunning wood-art hall table; emergency water-damage remediation; and finally a bunch of move damage (military and other too) with some unfortunately appearing to be intentional damage caused to spite the owners!!




12/6/08: Tonight Sandy and I dusted off the wood shavings and donned our natty gold/purple Lions Club vests to participate in Coupeville’s Christmas Parade. We were blessed with large crowds of kids of all ages (<1 year to 90+) and no wind and only a bit of rain. For those many who braved the elements, thank you. Afterwards, the Penn Cove Gallery had good crowds and appreciators of the arts! Sales were really good!! But why was the Boat Parade almost an hour early? It was there and gone before the tree lighting in the town park…




12/6/08: Great news! I am honored to announce that a number of my wood art pieces have been accepted at the Cole Gallery in Edmonds, WA. Imagine contemporary wood art placed with stunning impressionist paintings… I’m honored to have my work placed next a number of very talented artists including Joshua Flint’s exquisite works!!




12/5/08: The Anacortes Art Walk was fabulous! Fortunately the weather mild with no wind/rain. I have never attended a fall evening event that had so many happy people enjoying themselves while appreciating art. Thanks to Kathy Sherman and her able staff at Scott Milo for hosting and sharing the tasty treats (the hot cider was to die for!). And I had a red dot on ‘Dark Wave’ too. Thank you Daphne!!



Walnut Hall Table

12/3/08: Last week’s great news: ‘Nature’s Rhythm’ has been selected for publication in Lark Books latest book in their 500 series, ‘500 Tables’. The good news is that the table was selected from many thousands submitted; the better news is that the Wood Merchant matched someone with the table. It now has a new home! And they bought a desk and chair too!!