Sofa Table

Appalachian Black Cherry (Sustainable Sourced)

A prime example of nature’s wonderful ability to manifest a pure form from a single plank of what has to be one of the most beautiful and symmetrical pieces of black cherry that the artist has seen. Thus the name that defines this special work of art...

The basis for this piece of wood art began with the selection of the black cherry (Prunus serotina) slab to be used for the tabletop. Properly aged, crafted and finished black cherry timber rivals any other wood in the world for its beauty, stability, durability, pattern and deep patina that will develop over time. A sampling of the varied character so wonderfully exhibited within the timber includes intense curly figuring, spectacular chatoyance (opalescence reminiscent of looking into a cat’s eyes) and an overall curved bow-tie grain presentation.

Although the bark has been removed some of the natural curved edge has been left. The graceful curves across the ends provide a pleasing balance with the longer sides while visually tying the top form to the base. The geometry of the tabletop curves continues downward through the surfaces of the apron, all of which are curved and under-arched as well.

The book-matched table legs have been fabricated from a single plank of figured black cherry selected to contrast with and complement the intense color/grain of the upper and lower longitudinal surfaces. The legs have been hand-tapered to harmonize with the fine lines of the table while adding a feeling that the table is balancing on its toes. The apron, spreaders and lower shelf have also been fashioned from highly figured black cherry.

The success of the design depends upon precise hand-chiseled mortise-and-tenon joints (Japanese jigoku-kusabi joinery technique) for permanent attachment of all pieces to create a table that will last for generations.

The table has been hand finished with a durable teak oil to highlight the natural color and protect the beautiful character of the timbers while giving the table a warm feeling to the touch. As with all of his wood art pieces the title of the piece, creation date and artist information has been permanently stamped on the underside of the piece. This piece has been entered in the artist’s permanent registry.

Dimensions: 64 inches in width, 7-5/8 to 14 inches in depth, 30 inches in height