"Spring Blossoms"


American Black Walnut with Fused Stained Glass and Leather

The chair before you captures the pure essence of flowering cherry blossoms in the Spring…

The basis for this piece of wood art began with an idea stirred every Spring when the first white and pink blossoms magically appear on Whidbey Island. Capturing the spirit and artistry of these trees in bloom in fused glass panels presented the initial challenge. Designing a contemporary chair that incorporated these glass panels as the chair backs brought to bear over 50 years of woodworking and design experience to accomplish the task. Nearly two years in the planning and fabrication process, these chairs represent the initial offering of a limited line of custom dining chairs.

More of the description to follow soon! Be sure to see these at their introduction at "Art + Wood = Woodpalooza @ WICA" Exhibition. See "Art Events, Exhibitions and Shows"